Here Comes Monsoon Season!

New Mexico’s famous “Monsoon Season” will be upon us soon.  For those whose trust in their roof has been lost, the frequent afternoon clouds with high chances of precipitation bring with them fears of the unknown.  Where will the leak show up this time? How much will it cost to repair or re-roof?

Be pro-active and get quotes now.  Lone Mountain can provide free estimates for a re-roof or an inspection/maintenance program to provide the peace of mind you want.

Lone Mountain Office Remodel & Expansion

About 2 weeks ago Lone Mountain began work on a remodel project at our office site in Bosque Farms.  There will be 10 offices for various managers and estimators.  Additionally, 2,000 sq. ft. of new and re-modeled structures will be used for materials storage. The largest storage area has been designed so that a future phase can easily convert it to additional office space.  Green building designs incorporated include tubular skylights, water harvesting catchment systems, white TPO roofing, and energy efficient windows.

During the construction work, many members of our team have “crammed” into other unaffected areas to keep operations moving – it’s been a team building experience to say the least!

We hope to be able to move into the new facilities mid-to-late August 2010.

Lone Mountain Announces New Inspection/Maintenance Division

Our customers talk and we listen! Lone Mountain’s new Inspection/Maintenance Division is up and running.  It’s sole focus is to maximize and extend the life of any flat roof through a professional inspection/analysis followed by necessary maintenance work.  Whether you have a roof we installed or not, this service is crucial to ensuring peace-of-mind when it comes to your flat roof.  With the proper regular attention given to your roof system you can avoid leaks, make it last longer, and be kept informed so you’ll know when the time for a re-roof is near.

Whether your roof is one year old or 10+ years old, this is the most affordable route you can take to keep the protection your roof provides for your home working at its best. Learn more.