Questions to Ask

Here are some basic questions you might want to ask a roofing company that you are considering. Hint: print out this list and have it handy when you speak with a roofing company.

How many men are on a crew? How many crews do you have? Are they subcontractors or employees?
Are you licensed and bonded?
Can I get references?
What is the warranty? Is it pro-rated? Can I get a copy?
From the time I accept a contract, how long before the job is done? How long will my job take once they start?
I assume the crew inspects their work, any other inspections done?
If I get a leak down the road, what is the process to have a repair done?
If, down the road, I want a new skylight flashed in or perhaps a new plumbing vent penetration, is there a charge? If so, how much? What is the tie-in/repair method?
What are the payment terms?