Roof Price Comparison

As a home or building owner, you have a number of choices when it comes to selecting a flat roof system. Please consult the table below for a quick comparison of roofing systems. At J3 Systems, we’ve noticed that an educated home or building owner is often our best customer, so we’re happy to explain any of the information in greater detail or answer any questions. Contact us.

Roofing System Material Composition Issues Typical Lifespan Typical Warranty Energy Savings Estimated Cost/Year*
Pro-Ply Single-ply thermoplastic membrane Must be professionally installed 20-30+ years 15-30 year options available High reflective membrane; can save up to 40% in energy costs $700-$900**
BUR (typical tar & gravel) Felt paper, Asphalt/tar and gravel Heavy; needs regular maintenance; usually needs to be replaced every 5-9 years 5-10 years 5-10 years None $1,000-$1,200
Foam Polyurethane spray foam, elastomeric acrylic coating Fragile, cracks under sun’s UV radiation, needs regular maintenance 7-15 years 10 years Insulation R-Value, coating is sometimes reflective $1,000
APP/SBS Bitumen rolled roofing May pose a fire hazard, requires regular maintenance 3-9 year 3-7 years Can be reflective if granules are white $1,100-$1,300

*Average for a 2500 sq. ft roof over 20 years (factoring in inflation, maintenance, and/or re-roofs). For comparison use only.

**This does not include energy savings and reduction in utility bills from Pro-Ply reflective membrane, which may decrease this amount by $360-$600 per year.