With any roof, regular annual maintenance is the key to protecting your home from water damage. No matter who originally installed your roof, or what type of flat roof system you have, our Professional Inspection and Maintenance Program will help you avoid leaks or other damage.

Your Annual Inspection includes a written report detailing:

  • The general condition of your roof
  • Status of flashing seals at parapet walls, penetrations, skylights, curbs, etc.
  • Condition of skylight domes
  • Condition of stucco on parapet walls
  • Notification of any pipe, cable, or conduit issues
  • Alerts to any areas of roof failure/potential water damage

Maintenance performed:

  • Reseal/add sealant as needed at parapet walls, penetrations, skylights, curbs, etc.
  • Add sealant to minor cracks in stucco on interior side of parapet walls
  • Clean debris from roof (haul away)
  • Clear debris from roof drains, canales, leader-boxes, and gutters (haul away)

Rebate Program

For every dollar you invest into your J3 Systems Inspection/Maintenance Program, we will give 50% of it back to you when you re-roof with us once it becomes necessary.

Pricing and Details

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